Lion, Tigers & Lupines, Oh My!


Summer official begins Wednesday, but for many in New England once the Lupines bloom that marks the beginning of summer.  The Lupine Festival happens every June up in Franconia, NH and brings tons of people to come and gawk at fields and fields of lupines!  They line the streets, they fill fields, it’s really a pretty amazing sight to see.  Plus, my husband and I love a good road trip and any excuse for me to grab my camera and practice is a plus!

Even though the light was harsh because it was almost noon, I still made the best of each and every shot!  I guess most photographers love to get up to the north country for sunrise, that wasn’t going to happen Saturday, but that will be a goal for next year!

(All taken with ISO 200, and I’ve been trying to use the Zone System to meter off Lights/Darks in that frame.  Developed by Ansel Adams to guarantee a correct exposure in every shot…works for me!)

*Stay tune for later this week…I’m awaking a package in the mail!!!

5 thoughts on “Lion, Tigers & Lupines, Oh My!

  1. Is THAT what those flowers are called?!?! Everyone I ask around here thinks it’s lavender, and I know they’re wrong!

    I’m so happy to finally find another photographer on SITS, I was starting to think they were all Stay at home goddesses and foodies.

    Come by and check out my blog if you like, though I’m not nearly as talented as you are.
    Have a great day!


    • Hi Tara! Thanks for stopping by! Now you can prove everyone wrong, I love it when I can do that!

      I’m happy that I finally connected with someone from SITS! I’ve been trying to follow all their advice for getting more traffic on my blog! I can’t wait to explore yours 🙂 I love connecting with other photographers!

      Happy Shooting!!!


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