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Sorry to disappoint, but I have no free webinar to give away…BUT, I will talk about the one I watched last night!  

My girlfriend Danielle sent me a link for a Photoshop Element webinar.  It was just one hour, in the late evening (9-10pm) to sit and learn the ins & outs of PSE.  It was a basic beginners crash course, just a quick tutorial to  familiarize yourself wtih it.  I had just recently watched one about Lightroom (5 things you need to know about Lightroom), even though it was a lot of what I already knew, it’s always nice to see another’s person perspective! 

Now this isn’t a course or a workshop, it’s not going to tell you how to use all of the functions or how you should edit, or etc, but it’s a great way to get your feet wet, and opens the door to the software’s capabilities.  It makes it less intimidating and less overwhelming to those (like me) who think post-proessing, especially Photoshop, is confusing!  This webinars came from a great website called Pretty Presets, and the women speaking on behave of them has her own site/blog called Everyday Elements.  (which has some great tutorials if you use Photoshop Elements!)  I’m slowly getting comfortable with PSE and hope to soon purchase my own copy.  But if you are at all interested in listening to webinars, learning more about post-processing, if it’s PS, Lightroom, or whatever, I definitly suggestion signing up to follow many of these blogs, many of them have newsletters, weekly updates, and free give-aways!!! 

It is so worth it if you are at all interested in learning more about photography and how to edit!

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