Clone You I Must!

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(Sorry, I little Star Wars humor–I watch way to much of the Big Bang Theory!)

 As I dig deeper into photography, I have found that you have to spend money to make money (and right now I’m not really making any money…except for a few dollars here and there).  I’m beginning to see that photography is an expensive hobby, or I just have expensive taste!  Things cost money…why does the camera I want so badly have to cost so much, why do lens range from a couple hundred to more than I make in a year?  It’s the same with editing software, sure it’s a one time download and you have it forever, but within the year a newer version is going to be made and sold.  It’s an ever changing market with new technology coming out at record pace, that’s why I think it’s very important to know you camera and it’s strengths as well as it’s limitations.  Because the one thing I read time and time again is,

“It’s not the camera, it’s the photographer that makes the photograph.”  (sure the better lens and camera helps…but it’s doesn’t mean you’re a pro!)

But back to topic…Adobe has this nice offer where you can download a version of it’s software FREE for 30-days!  It’s a nice way to A) Learn about the product and learn how to use it, and B) A great way to try it out and see if you like it before spending an arm & a leg!

In the beginning of my photography journey, I had already knew the power of Photoshop and what it’s capabilities were, but I had no idea how to use it and it was SCARY!  That’s when I discovered Lightroom, in the blogs I was reading, a lot of photographers were using it for it’s organizational purposes as well as for editing.  It sounded much user-friendly than Photoshop and cheaper!  So I downloaded a 30-day trail and loved it so much, bought it (I used my teacher discount!).  I LOVE Lightroom, it’s great, easy to import pictures straight from your camera, great for organizing pictures by year, month, day, etc…easy to edit more than one picture at a time and has print & web means.  It’s perfect when the thought of Photoshop overwhelms you!

But Photoshop CAN DO SO MUCH MORE!  Lightroom has it’s limitations and when that happens you turn to Photoshop!  I downloaded a 30-day trail of Photoshop Elements so I could start designing my own Blog Header/LOGO/Watermark, and touch up photos that have too many distractions in them.  It’s so POWERFUL!!!  Plus all Adobe’s software works together, this way I can organize & edit all my photos in Lightroom and then move the ones I want to further fix into Photoshop with one click of a button!  It’s a photographer’s dream!

When I was in Gettysburg I took this great picture of a tree next to the monument representing the Union’s victory of the three day battle.  I just love it, except for the two people in the photo…I only had a few seconds to capture this moment, people or no people.  But thanks to Photoshop, you’d never know they were even there.

Much better!  Here is a quick video tutorial I found to help explain what I did.

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