New Book Smell


Over the weekend while hanging out with friends (all of which are educators) there was discussion of hand-copy books vs. the virtual kind (iPads, Kindles, e-readers, etc.)  The talk of new book smell came up and it made me chuckle, there’s new car smell, first day of winter smell, imminent danger smell (this could be real), and my favorite, clean clothes smell!  But new book smell, I had never given it much thought, yes, going to the book store and picking out a brand new book is exciting and for some people is a thrill.  For me as a kid, reading wasn’t on my priority list nor was it very easy…but as I grew older and graved knowledge reading became a necessity and soon reading became something I did for pleasure.  Thanks to hopeless romantic novels written by Nicholas Sparks my love for reading took off!

But there is nothing like a new book to make you forget about the world around you, I find that when you are reading a good book, you are always fighting that urge to rush home, slip into something comfy and throw your nose into it.  There is this draw, this connection you make with the book that’s hard to explain.  It doesn’t happen often to me, I’m a picky reader, I enjoy humor, sarcasm, and relate-able characters…

I think that’s why I’m enjoying this new book, ever since our trip to Gettysburg I’ve been meaning to read it.  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter!

At first it looked silly, I’m that person that judges every book by it’s cover, I know it’s wrong, but remember, I’m picky!  My sister had started it and my husband just finished and both were telling me how great it was, and that I should jump on the bandwagon!  (Definitely have to read it before the movie comes out too!)  Since Sunday was a rainy, crappy day and I was sick and tired of watching TV, I decided it was time to jump back into a good book.  So Abe, here I come!

And was immediately hooked!!

I think the combination of factual and fictional information makes the book so realistic that you really believe Abe Lincoln is out there hunting vampires!  Plus, after just visiting Gettysburg, the connection to the book makes it more authentic!

So the moral of this story is…as long as you are reading, whatever it may be, does it matter what device you choose…?

2 thoughts on “New Book Smell

  1. I love reading sooooo much. I read with Kindle on my i-phone, on my i-pad and I have a real hardback book too – all going at the same time. Because I’m a stay at home mom I seem to do a lot of waiting on kids at places and am lost without a book!

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