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Creative Exercise-A Day in the Life…

I’m always looking for new projects to do with my camera and when I saw this on Click It Up A Notch the other day I jumped at the challenge too!  What better way to practice than to on a typical, normal, everyday day…What do you need?  Your camera for starters!  And a timer, she suggestions setting a timer to go off every hour or so…I however thought I could remember…(I would suggest using a timer :p).  The best part is you can be as creative as you want, to help plan you should think about your typical day start to finish and that can help you think of some great shots before they happen, but remember those spontaneous shots are priceless too!

Summers are a bit slow for me right now, so I can’t say my day was typical, but this is what I came up with…

It started with setting the alarm for the next morning (wake up call for the hubby…not me!)

Can’t go wrong with breakfast and the Today Show…

Zoe always looks at me funny.

A fit a workout in!

It rained for the first few days of this week, so this was the first day the Blue Angels could practice, needless to say, they flew right over my house!  Pre Air-show, show! (I caught him with the 70-200mm 4-5.6)

Driving to the SeaDogs Game!

A perfect finish to a great day!

Now it’s your turn to document your everyday life, you’ll be surprised how much you can fit in!


Blog Watermark

After discovering this wonderful blog Nowhere to Go but Crazy, it inspired me to change up my watermark again!  I was intrigued on how she made her watermark circular and I wanted to see if I could do it too!  I’m constantly learning not only about photography and taking better photos, but how to use different post-processing too…so I feel like my style is constantly changing while I learn which style is right for me.  But I really like the round watermark, it looks cleaner and professional.  I wanted a different watermark for my personal blog too!  I did do a quick search to help me, I’m a visual person and since I’m still learning PSE I needed some hand-holding!

Since I love it when people help me, I’m going to help you!  Here are the steps I took to create my awesome watermark!

First I opened Photoshop Elements and opened a new doc.  Name it, and enter in the size you want…now you can chose anything you want…I chose 6X6 inches with a resolution of 72…(some say 300, but since I’m just using it online, I don’t think it really matters…)  Make sure you background is transparent too.

Then you want to open the text tool,  (on the right hand side) and type in your name, or the name of your blog.

Shortcuts are essential, they are not only fun, but they help with workflow and making things more efficient.  I’m working on a Mac, so instead of the CTRL button, I use the COMM button instead. (i.e. CTRL+ C =copy, CMO+C= copy).  So I learned that CMO+T highlights the text box, so once you do that you can go up to Image Menu-Rotate Layer 180 degrees.

This flips your text upside down, CMO+T, then you want to uncheck the Constrain Prop. and make the height 250%.

This stretches your text out a little so it will be easier to read once it’s in a circle!


You then want to go up to the Layer Panel and select Simplify Layer (I’m not really sure the purpose, but what I read it’s helpful)











Then you want to go to the Filter Menu-Distort-Polar Coord. and make sure the Rect. Polar is Checked!











This step will actually make your text circular!  YAY!











Now once my text was in a circle, I wanted to add a picture…so I clicked on new layer, so I wouldn’t ruin my text layer and went to File-Place.  And found the picture/photo/graphic I wanted and placed it in the center.












Now I did two more things before I exited it out and started branding my photos…first I saved it as a brush, (Edit Menu and Define Brush, I use PSE 10, so it might written different on older verisons) so the next time I went into PSE to edit a picture I could just choose the brush tool and I can literally “stamp” my watermark on my photos or I use Lightroom 3 for my normal uploading and editing routine so I wanted to be able to export using my watermark without having to rely on PSE.  So I upload it as a graphic into Lightroom under File-edit watermark…just remember to save the watermark as a PNG!


And there you have it, easy-pesy!


366 Days…

Because of the leap year today is our bonus day, today we’ve been married for 366 days, today we celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary!  It’s crazy to think how fast and slow a year can go by.  366 days ago I woke up to pouring rain and chillier than normal conditions; this morning I woke up to sun, bright blue sky, a nice sea breeze and a break from the humidity.  Nothing special planned, dinner and maybe a movie, and of course digging into that newly thawed wedding “cup”cake!

They say the first years the hardest…I’ll say it, we were the exception to the rule.  It did help that we’ve known each other for 10 years and 6 of those years we were just friends.  Communication, honesty, and laughter are three ingredients that every couple should bring to a relationship, if you can’t talk honestly and open to one another then what’s the point?  And laughter, well, laughter should always be there, in the good times and bad.

We both feel very lucky…to have found our someone.

A few photos of our weekend (If you aren’t on Instagram, I suggest you sign up!)

Saturday was date night…

Date Night Hair

A treat for the happy couple

Cards of Love

And Sunday turned out to be an incredible day too!

It was tasty, even though it was frozen for 12 months!