Sacrifice & Surrender

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Over the holiday weekend my husband and I were lucky enough to be invited down to  Gettysburg, PA.  My sister’s boyfriend is a Park Ranger and is fortunate to live within the park.  Which means we were staying in a house built-in 1808, a little piece of history, in the middle of one of the bloodiest wars fought!

It was pretty stunning when we finally got into the National Park, after 8 hours in the car, trucking through cities, highways, with big billboards, noise & pollution…we arrived late in the evening as the sun was setting over the horizon and drove into sacred land.  It leaves you speechless, the town just disappears and you are left with fields of open grass with fences marking their end.  Monument after monument scatter the countryside as far as your eyes can see and underneath your feet once laid Union & Confederate soldiers fighting for their beliefs.  The surroundings have both an eerie and calming feeling to it, peaceful, yet significant.  I wish you all to visit one day because it is like going back into time…

Plus…it gave me an excuse to practice my photography skills.  Here are a few of my favorites along our journey.

Pretty Powerful Stuff!

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