My Hope…

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Is to one day go into business…

Right now it’s a hope or some say a dream, but hopes & dreams come true!  RIGHT?  Isn’t that what our parents have taught us to think?!  Well I know from experience, practice makes perfect, so I’m trying hard to practice as much as I can. so photography can be second nature to me just like breathing or blinking!

Some days are better than others and when motivation doesn’t strike, I read,  A LOT, ebooks, blogs, websites, forums, whatever or however I can get the information I try to absorb it!  I’m just hoping it’s clicking.  I’m pretty sure I know the basics of my camera and I’m not sure I can push the limits of it anymore than I already have.  I currently own a Nikon D70, older model by today standards, but not too shabby when paired with a prime 35mm 1.8 lens!  I’m hoping to purchase the D700 sometime later this year, but I don’t want to rely on a “professional” camera to help me be a better photographer, I want to rely on my skills, instincts, and well, talent!

I know the best way to get better is feedback!  I welcome it all the time, I’m the kind of person that enjoys a little constructive criticism…how else are we suppose to learn and grow without knowing what we are doing wrong? (or right!)  I want to know more and learn more and be better, be more!!!  So I welcome any comments, suggestions, advice, or questions you may have.  I welcome them with open arms!

Today’s lesson:  Work on shallow depth of field  & proper exposure in camera…how did I do?


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