I Own Myself!

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So after much thought, I decided it was about time to buy my own domain name!  And since Create Something Out of Nothing.com was taken already, the next best thing was to use my name!  Welcome to LaurenBodwellPhotograhy.com!  I’m not sure what the future really holds, and if I even want a photography business right now…but there is one thing I do know, I LOVE taking photos and this past Sunday I was given the opportunity to help assistant/shoot at a wedding with Ever True Studios & LOVED IT!  Yeah it was well over a 10 hour day, I was on my feet all day, it was cold and it POURED, but I had so much fun it made me realize that my normal “9-5” job just isn’t cutting it.  Since I’ve jumped on this photography bandwagon, I thought it was only appropriate to designate a place to showcase my art.  Now bare with me as I figure out WordPress, plugins, fonts, themes, etc, etc…so my website/blog is going to be a work in progress until I feel comfortable with it!  But until then, sit back, relax and enjoy my new look!


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