It’s Been So Long!

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I’m so sorry for me being MIA…it’s been a long month, let’s just say some unexpected circumstances happened and has kept me away from blogging and taking pictures for that matter.  Most of you may not know this, but March isn’t really my favorite month.  I don’t really know the reason for this, maybe because the excitement of the holidays are all over and my birthday month, February, has ended and well it’s still, WINTER!  Though here in New England we did have a few enjoyable days of 80 degree weather, so that was delightful!  But I usually get unmotivated and lazy during this time of year, plus add on getting a concussion while spring skiing and then taking a trip to California, I’ve been away!!  Concussion you say, yes, I’m good to go now, but for about a whole week the thought of taking photos made me ill, the thought of doing anything, watching TV, reading, opening my eyes made me ill!  Long story short, even if it’s 80 degrees outside, always, ALWAYS, wear your helmet skiing.  I’ve been skiing since I was 5 and only the last few years had a wore a helmet, but you kind of get use to having it on and don’t really expect it to ever have it come in handy, until you really need it…I wish I had decided to wear it, then I wouldn’t feel so silly telling people I wasn’t wearing it :p  oops. (Lesson Learned).

As for California, I was honored to be my friend Jen’s Maid of Honor (or Matron of Honor) at her wedding!  It was a beautiful day, surrounded by beautiful trees, flowers, and loving people.  Even though it rained, it was amazing to see how happy she was to have found her soulmate and best friend!  Plus it was the prefect opportunity to take great pictures!  Plus I’m so behind on my 365+1 Project that I needed some inspiration!

One more thing!  I have a great treat for you all who follow me!  Since the new year I have been trying to find ways to improve my photography skills and I had stumbled upon Clickin Moms Website and decided that I would become a member.  It has opened my eyes!  In the past 4 months, I feel like I have opened this secret box of information, with tutorials, support for others, different perspective, and so much more!  It is a mecca for photography if you wish to learn and keep growing…

Help me win some awesome prizes, SIGN UP to become a new member on Clickin Moms and receive 10% off any stand subscription!  Coupon Code FRIEND.  This is only good until April 30!  Don’t miss out, plus you may help me win a new camera!!!  Pass it on to your friends!  Just click on the link below!!!


Enjoy your Friday & Holiday Weekend! ❤

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