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Many of you might not know this, but when I was little I was very shy.  I was soft spoken, quiet, & reserved…but as I grew up and visited new places and met new people it got easier to put myself out there and become more outgoing and less shy.  But my shyness still pops up from time to time, it’s more like hesitation, like I’m timid or unsure, esp. over the phone, I’m not a big fan of talking on the phone, even to order pizza…but I get over usually and do it.  Everyone gets shy in new situation, I’m usually pretty good in new situations, introducing myself, making small talk, & jokes…breaking the ice tends to be easy for me, but I think when I have to take the initative and start something that I want to do, that’s when it gets fishy.  I could want something so bad, like for instant, I want to start building a portfolio of photographs to maybe one day start my own photography business, but that means getting out of my comfort zone and calling people & putting myself out there.  I wish I could have a middle man in the whole process, I wish I could just have someone go here do this, and do that and oh by the way, “want a job.”  But the world isn’t like this, nobody really hands you things unless you work hard for them.  To have opportunities, you have to make opportunities. 

I read this amazing e-book the other day, and the best part it’s free!  The Shy Photographer’s Guide to Confidence.  Most of it seems pretty straight forward and tells you how you can improve upon yourself to be more self-confidence…but what happens when you just need that little push, maybe even someone to show you the ropes…I know nothing gets accomplished sitting down and waiting, trust me, I wish that happened, that opportunity would just laid in my lap!  But to accomplish something you have to take the first few steps until you are comfortable taking a few more & so on…

So…I took a step; I decided to email one of my photographs to our city’s online commerse website to see if I could win this years winter contest, well I look at the site yesterday and to my surprise it was staring at me in the face!  It was exciting to see, not sure if anything will come of it, but I initiated something, followed through and came out victorious, even if I don’t win, I feel like a winner! (Check it out here too…)

Late Night on the Job


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  1. This-is-AWESOME 🙂 Good luck!

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