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So I’ve been feeling distant from my blog, sorry about that, but this 365+1 project is really hard…somedays I don’t even feel like picking up my camera at all; thank god for my iPhone!  It’s really been a lifesaver…I had to tell myself that sometimes I won’ tbe able to take my camera with me everywhere and some situations don’t have great lighting, etc…and I bring my phone with me everywhere (don’t we all!) so I instagram them & upload them to my Flickr account.  If it wasn’t for this, I would be like a week or so behind!

But it’s been effective for me to take photos everyday, I’m starting to clue in on which settings would be appropriate for the setting I’m in.  For example, I try to pre-set my settings before going outside on a sunny day, so incase I want to whip out my camera and take a quick photo.  I’m trying to get in the habit of changing my ISO first, then shutter speed & F-stop, depending on what I want to capture.  I’m also trying to work on nailing my focus!  I have a powerful lens and the aperature has the ability to open pretty wide and sometimes that can effect how sharp your image is.

Also, I bought myself a gray card, basically it’s used to set your white balace for a sequence of photos for that particular lighting situation you’re in.  You can either do it in camera, or take a photo of the card card before the session and set white balance in post-processing.  But I can definitly see the different!  (It basically deciphers what’s really gray in your photograph).

I have also joined an online forum, Clickinmoms, another way to find out more information about photography.  This way I can chat with professional photographers, or amerature, hobbiest, anyone really to learn more about my camera, post-processing, lighting, you name it, it’s on there…plus they have great online workshops you can take! (Which I’m doing in a few weeks!)  I’m the type of person that needs to learn about the subject before I do anything crazy, like start my own business or something, because A) It’s hard, takes a lot of time & money, and B) My skills aren’t at that level, just yet!

But this brings me to a cross road because a lot of people go through life floating, kind of going through the motions, getting by with work and what not…but I’m not that kind of person, it frustrates me that I feel frustrated at work, the word PURPOSE is always milling around in my head, so a good friend told me that I should state my purpose in life, write down a goal, so it’s in stone and take the steps to achieve it.  Easier said than done, I think, because everytime I think of my goal, my mind goes blank…it shuts off, goes dark, you know, takes a vacation from thinking…you get the point.  Anywho, I do a lot of thinking in the car, so on my way home from work I had an idea, an epiphany, that why does my purpose in life have to be something concrete, like “Cure Cancer,” or “Save the Whales,” (we really should save the whales…) Why can’t it be intangible, like keep growing or learning, or something like that…So I got to thinking and this is what I’m going with:

My purpose in life is to learn & grow each day, so I can then pass on to others what others had passed on to me.”

Does that sound dorky? Essentially, we learn from others don’t we, so why not take what I’ve learned from others, learn from it, grow, & then pay it forward.  And knowing me, I’m sure my purpose will change (after-all, I am a women)…but for right now I think I feel pretty content about it.  So that’s what I’m going to do…learn & grow.

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