Before & After

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So I’m NOT a pro yet, but I thought I’d try my skills at photoshop for the first(ish) time.  I’ve used it only a handful of times and each time I open it I’m always overwhelmed by all the applications you can do!  I’d rather take a class and have someone teach me, but right now I can’t do that…but the next best way to learn is to figure it out yourself!  So I downloaded a free 30-day trial and I’ve been playing around with it.  With some help from my hubby & online video tutorials I learned how to take out annoying distractions!  I know it’s probably not the most efficient way or “professional” way, but you can’t really tell that something was there before…

*Can you tell what’s missing!


















Oh and as for my 365+1 Project, I’m still doing it, but I think I’ve decided I can’t post each & every week, but follow my progress on my flickr, I’ll post everyday there so you can watch my growth!

One thought on “Before & After

  1. The missing bit is the plug on the wall, right? Can you photoshop the grey out of my hair?

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