Goodbye Old, Hello New!

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So yesterday was my last photography class, (sniff, sniff)…but hopefully soon enough they will be more classes offered so I can contiune to learn and grow as a photogapher.  I have definitely learned so much in the past 12 weeks, I can’t believe I had that much potenital hiden inside me…I always knew I was creative and “artsy” as my mother would put it, but diving into something unknown like that, after putting a lot of effort, time & money into 4 years of college (majoring in something else) and then almost 5 years of work is terrifying to just switch gears like that!  So when your teacher pulls you aside after class and truely tells you, you’re doing a great job and to keep at it, makes you feel better about your decision to pursure photography!  Plus I have an awesome support staff in my family, so that helps too, even if some still have their doubts…you only get one life.  We had a little motivational session at the end of class too…how you only get one life, and you should follow your dreams, your passion, and what you’re heart tells you to do, it’s scary, but if it’s what you really, truely, absolutely want, then do it! (Jill..!)

Anywho, it got me thinking of my own situation with work and how sometimes I feel like completely giving up and walking out the door.  People tell me all the time if you’re not happy, change it…but sometimes as much as you want too, you just can’t at that moment in time…and knowing that it’s probably not the right time to leave, it keeps me striving to find other opportunities that will allow me to do just that, soon. 

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”  –Napoleon Hill

But I give credit to those who can do just that…like my in-laws, a vacation to Florida convienced them that there was more to life than just staying in one place forever, so with an amazing idea & a plan, they decided they wanted to pack up the car, two dogs and all, buy a house in Florida and move down there for the winter (all in the span of 2 or so weeks!) and you know what, that’s what they did!!  So, now instead of freezing rain, which it’s doing right now, they get to sit on the beach (82 degrees and sunny today)  with their virgin daiquiris and experience retirement in a whole new way.  Good for them, they truely deserve it, I mean they had to put up with their only son for so long, that who wouldn’t want to get away (just kidding my love)…but we are both so proud of you guys and happy for you!  I mean why can’t you just pack up and leave whenever you feel the urge for a little change, my parents did it, and they are having some of the best experiences.  I love it, our parents got to live vicariously through us and now we are living vicarisouly through them!  I will try to live by their spontaneity, if I can keep up!  So as Ian and I spend our first Christmas together as husband and wife, it will be his first Christmas away from his folks, but we wish them a Merry Christmas & Happy 2012 knowing that they still have some of the best times ahead of them, or and there’s Skype!  xoxo


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