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All good artists, writers, directors, etc. have thousands of ideas before they HAVE the one GREAT idea.  Thinking is a part of life and most people, if you’re like me, think constantly, sometimes thinking all the time is a bad thing.  But to start any new assignment, project, paper, drawing of any kind some thinking has to take place.  What I tell my students at work, is after thinking there needs to be some type of planning, you have to put in the effort before you can create your “masterpiece,” (whatever it is).  Sometimes the planning is small, brainstorming, listing, organizing your thoughts down on paper so you can visualize them.  I sound like a broken record sometimes at school, but I TRY to emphaize how important planning is to my students when they are writing an essay, short story, poem, or even drawing a picture!!  How are you suppose to create something wondeful if you don’t first think of an idea & plan how you’re going to execute it!!!

Photography is the same way, as the photographer you need to put some thought into whatever you’re going to shoot, whether it’s for a class, at a family gathering, or just walking down the road.  You should have some idea in your head of what you want to shoot.  Then planning needs to be the next step.  Sometimes it’s on a whim, in the moment, spontaneous planning, other times you need to sit down and physical plan out, or map out your goal for the shoot.  Such as, what equpiment you might need, what type of lighting do you want to shoot in, how will obtain that type of light, artificially or naturally, are you shooting people, kids, or animals, should you use other props, do you need an extra set of hands…you must ask yourself these questions and more in the planning process.  Plus, you should plan for things to go wrong; what if the sun never comes out, do you have a reflector to bounce light up onto your subject if it’s too dark, what if your camera breaks, do you have the right lens, etc, etc…The finish product will look easy because you put the thought & effort in first.  The easy part is show casing your work, the hard part is reaching that point.  So HAPPY thoughts, diligent planning, and go create something out of nothing!

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