I love this time of year…

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We hung out with old friends this past Friday at the Old Vine Wine Bar, in Kennebunk, yummy food, & great wine!!!  Here are a few pictures from that night, the lighting inside was all candle lite, so sorry my pictures are a little underexposured.  My hunny is the first shot and he took the picture of me to your left, it’s a look he gets often!  And my friend Katie and her husband Elnur down below, they were up visiting from D.C., it’s always nice to see them and everytime we all get together it’s like we never missed a beat!

And, last night I was honored to be my sister’s date to her friend Mo’s wedding, winter just happen to show it’s ugle face, I think the high was just above freezing!  But it was a great time, who doesn’t love this time of year! (These were taken with my iPhone, so not the best quality!)  The best part, I got to wear my wedding shoes again!

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