DIY Project!

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I wanted to share with all of you my first Christmas DIY project!  I found this on Pinterest, as all of you know, my favorite website, I am now obsessed!  But I finally told myself I needed to just stop looking at pictures and saying how awesome they looked or telling myself how easy they would be and just pick a project and DO IT ALREADY!  I saw this cute Christmas wreath and thought it was a fantastic way to keep all of our holiday cards together.  I usually try to tape them on the door or wall and usually after a few days they just end up falling down and it drives me crazy!  But, this is not only functional, it’s cute too, and we can use it year after year!  Plus, I got to use my photography skills to, as my husband said, tell a story of the process!  I’ve also discovered it makes for a more interesting picture if you get up, close and personal with the subject!  I loved the way it turned out!!  26 1/2 days until X-mas! (but who’s counting?)

One thought on “DIY Project!

  1. So cute! Love it! Love the pictures too!

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