It’s Not About the Destination, but the Journey…

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I read on one of the blogs I visit frequently, Clickinmoms, “that photography is not a race, it’s a journey.  Slow and steady learning, and shooting with intention, heart, and purpose will bring results.”

Why am I to doubt that it won’t happen…probably because I can only see a few feet into the future and sometimes it’s hard to “hope for the best,” don’t I sound chipper!  But I am hopeful, I credit the holiday season, as I am listening to Christmas music right now and decorating the house!  I do love this time of year (minus the snow…sometimes), but I’m really excited to take some really good Christmas shots of my niece opening her presents and some cool bokeh of the tree in the background!  I’m excited that I know more about my camera today than I did last year!  It’s always nice to write down goals for the New Year, as I ponder what those might be, I definently know they include a new direction with my job…not sure which direction, hopefully not down, but continuing with photography is on my list and there might be another class involved, who knows! 

But I know the more I practice, the better I’ll get!  So speaking of practicing, I finally got together with my friend Louie (nickname) to go on a “walk-about,” or I like to tell people (fitting since it’s hunting season) that we went “shooting!”  And we definently got something!  So here are a few pictures from our walk-about in downtown Kennebunk, it was an overcast day, but had some unique things to offer!


200, F3.5, 1/100: Louie :)

200, F3.5, 1/100

200, F3.5, 1/250

200, F2.8, 1/160: I love doors!

200, F1.8, 1/80

200, F3.2, 1/100

200, F3.2, 1/200


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