Finding my “voice”

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I recently read a blog post today from Shannon Holden about the key elements to starting a photography business.  No this doesn’t mean I’m going to jump in tomorrow and start my own business because I’m realizing it’s going to take more than just a camera and a vision…but as I kept reading I came to the part about Artistic Development,  which I think is where I am now in my journey.  I think I’ve been working hard on my Technical Skills,  that it’s time to figure out who I AM.  The paragraph talks about finding out who you are as a person so you can figure out who you are as an artist.  This is the first step in finding your “voice.”  

I guess what I’m trying to convey is, I’m having trouble figuring out my “voice.”  I’ve been trying to get out there and take loads of pictures of different things, not really knowing what I really like.  I’ve been trying to figure out if I steer more towards landscapes, people (portraits), nature, animals…you get the point.  I think I have an eclectic taste right now, which I think is appropriate.  Maybe I don’t need a focus, maybe I can be an eclectic photographer!

I welcome constructive criticism…

One thought on “Finding my “voice”

  1. I think maybe its too early to tell! By just naturally shooting what interests you is saying something in itself…what YOU’RE drawn toward is what YOU like…and eventually, it will probably whittle down to a much more focused interest…and walah, your voice. 🙂

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