What I’ve learned…so far

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So far I’ve been trying to soak up every bit of information I can find about photography, it’s been working, though, overwhelming at times, sometimes to the point where I just don’t want to look at my camera anymore!  But I have to keep reminding myself, it’s okay to take a break, regroup, think about it, then move on and keep shooting!  Practice is the only way to get better!  This past Wednesday, while I was driving home from class I had an epiphany, if I want to stay serious about photography and grow I can’t “half-ass” it anymore.  The assignments have become more challenging, both technically & creatively,  we also have two parts to each assignment and most all of them require some type of set up, thought, and now a REFLECTOR!  (Kind of scary stuff :p)  But with anything, there’s a learning curve and I won’t be good at it the first time around, I don’t know why people except perfectionist the first time they EVER do something, but it’s a flaw most people have, including myself.  

I now need to start investing my time and investing in money, on some  good equipment.  First I have to start with a good reflector and I don’t mean going out and buying a professional one, but coughing up just a little bit because the flimsy poster paper I was using isn’t cutting it!  I need some sturdy, flat gator board!  I’ve also learned that procrastination won’t work either and only makes me more frustrated.

Since my first assignment went horrible wrong, let’s just say my reflector, wasn’t reflecting!  But I’m optimistic for our next assignment, which involves us using reflectors again.  This time we have to incorporate a single light source, for example, a desk lamp and position it behind our subject, this is called back-lighting.  By incorporating a reflector we should be able to bounce the light from the lamp onto the front of our subject causing our subject to lighten up.  (Jodi suggests we use a bowl of fruit, aka, something that doesn’t move, talk, or breath)  She also wants us to try to create “rim-light,” which is a rim of bright light that surrounds the outline of the subject.  (See picture below of the Kangaroo)

See the rim of bright light around his body...rim-light!


So I’ll have to play around with my reflectors until I get the desired lighting I want on my subject.  I think I’ll have more control over the conditions than the last assignment so it should be less overwhelming…So as horrible as my first assignment went, I’m hopeful I’ll start getting the hang of it soon!!  I’ll also be re-doing my first assignment and will try to post pictures of that later.


Happy Friday 🙂

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