Take 3…

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I was traveling most of the weekend so my apologies for posting these late…


400, F4.5, 1/80



200, F3.2, 1/2000

And Something Orange…

Beautiful Sunrise in Bar Harbor 800, F16, 1/15

I had a wonderful weekend up in Bar Harbor, Maine with my good friend Danielle.  It was the annual PJ sale; where you wake up really early, put on your Sunday Best (in this case, Saturday and I mean your Pajama’s)…and go out and shop!!!  It was a lot of fun, they had some very good deals, & free coffee & donuts!  What better way to go shopping but in your jammies!!! 

Plus, Danielle bought herself a Nikon D3100 for her birthday and wanted to try it out, and  I was more than happy to go out and shoot with her!  Not sure if I helped in any way, but it was a lot of fun regardless, and it’s always nice when we get to hang out because we live so far away from each other!  Here are some photos from our weekend…if you have never been to Acadia National Park, in Bar Harbor I suggest you make a trip and visit, it is breath-taking 🙂 

this next one is funny…I was trying to take a picture of the two of us using my self-timer…well I should of known with the light behind us we wouldn’t come out very well…and well, the second one speaks for itself.

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