Beyond the Basics!


So my Beyond Basic Photography class started last night and I was “beyond” excited!  I can’t believe how much I have already learned in the Basic class, I was so frustrated at first because I didn’t think I was getting it, but really, all I needed to do was practice more!  The more I use my camera, the better I have become at understanding what I needed to do.  (You’d think from being an athlete that I’d realize that…)   By putting myself in different lighting situations, it has helped me to slow down and actually look at what I’m doing right or what I’m doing wrong.  The first class has given me so much more knowledge and vocabulary to do just that!  I think that’s why I’m so excited.  Looking at what I’ve already accomplished and learned in 6 weeks, I can only image what another 6 weeks will teach me!

I keep learning more about myself too; I’m definitely a “monkey-see, monkey-do” type of person; show me & and I can do it…and being reinforced with reading text and visuals (demonstrations) my comprehension is even greater!  I’m also a do-er, this 30-Day Challenge has helped me overcome some challenges I’ve had with my camera settings because I’ve had to think about my shots beforehand.  I’ve had to take some indoor shots, some night shots, and others that require a certain type of exposure.  So it has slowed me down and made me choose my settings purposely instead of just “winging” it.

Okay, back to class, so the theme of this course is LIGHT; how we see it and how we can manipulate it to get the composition we want.  We will have two assignments each week that will focus on different light sources.  This first weeks assignment is Available Light & Window Light.  The first part of the assignment is, taking photos of a subject using the available light we have indoors.  Say a lamp, or overhead lighting.  We have to move around our subject trying to produce some type of contrast (with the light), while recording our settings.  The new thing we talked about in class was how to meter, basically every time you point your camera at something (say a shadowy-dark area, or a well light-bright area) your camera takes an exposure reading and “guesses” what your settings should be at.  Our teacher Jodi mentioned to us, that to have an interesting portrait there should be 2-3 stops difference in exposure between the two areas (darkest area/lightest area).  It made sense in class, so hopefully I can translate that into my photos!  The second part of the assignment is a little more self-explanatory, find a window with great light coming through and shoot your subject (with a camera…not, you know; photography is very violent)  We then move around our subject watching the effect the light has on them.  (so the same as with available light, just a different light source).

But the cool thing with both assignments is we get to include a reflector fill, in my case, a white, form-poster board.  This helps decrease the harsh contrast.  We then have to evaluate how the reflector helps with the shadows and highlights.  Like with all new things I’m sure it will be challenging at first, but I’M UP FOR IT!

2 thoughts on “Beyond the Basics!

  1. Did you put a picture of the Emperor Kuzco on purpose :-), if not that is pretty ironic!

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