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I was very nervous for this day, but found it to be really easy!  I probably should of bumped up my ISO so I could of bumped up my shutter speed, but I think for my first time trying to capture a silhouette came out okay!  Look at me!  (or in this case, my husband, who’s posing for me.) 

After tweaking my exposure & colors in LR(LightRoom), I went back and looked at all the LR Presets (this software gives you a number of free presets, some black and white, some colors…you can add anyone of these to your edits, and there are so many more out there you can buy or download for free–and for those that don’t know these presets affect RAW and JPEG files different.  Basically Presets are just an easier & faster way to edit your photos…you can also make your own presets…yet another thing to learn more about!  But in this picture I decided to use a preset (I have already been experimenting with presets  since I started using LR, I’m just now telling you about them), but I used Color Creative-Yesteryear 1, it made the colors pop even more and I think it gives the picture more depth and emotion…

what do you think?

400, F1.8, 1/10

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