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So while I know I should be “working,” since I’m “at work,” I couldn’t resist to write a post; I wanted to share this blog with all of you!  So for those people who are reading because you love me (thank you-I love you back)…but for those who have drove head first into photography like me and are now trying to grab every piece of knowledge/information that’s out there, this blog is amazing!  I’m not sure how I stumbled upon it, sometimes I just click & click & click until I find myself miles and miles away from Google and onto a friend of a friends of friend’s site.  (whatever works right!)  Not every blog or website I come across is worth reading or is helpful, but sometimes, like this one they are magical and exactly what I’m looking for!  I like to find blogs that help me, so I pass them along to others who are still in the beginning stage like me!  I love it when people share their own information and knowledge either about their camera skills, photography skills, or about their post-processing skills…this blog has the best of all those.  I try to apply what I read on other’s blogs in my photography, it’s helpful to read something, go out and apply it, then I usually go back and re-read it because usually, 9 times out of 10, it will start to click!  I think that’s why my photography class has been so helpful, she teaches a lesson, then we have to apply what we learn in that lesson, then we go back and talk about what work and didn’t work in the next class.

Going back to why only certain blogs are worth reading, for me, since I’m a very visual person, blogs needs to, First, catch my eye in someway (be visually appealing), and Second, be simple enough to read, understand, and be easy enough to do myself…because what’s the point of wasting time trying to find hidden information or not being able to understand something without having a visual…time is money people, or in my case right now, I have way too much time, and not really making any money.

Ultimately we all learn from one another, so why not spread the love!  So I stumbled upon Ramblings & Photos: Featuring Kitty Paw by Ashley Sisk.  I think my love for the title and the fact that she loves taking pictures of her cat lured me into her blog too!  But she has a great Resource page, Photo Challenges page and helpful tips for post-processing.  Most of all her posts are fun to read!  Enjoy!

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