Over the weekend…


2 for the price of 1…I consider the weekend a time for me to get off the couch/computer and go do things; or sit on the couch and not do anything, either way it’s time away from the computer.  So I’m posting Day 12 and 13 together.  Day 12 was sunset and though technially I didn’t take it Saturday night, but driving home after work Friday night I saw this and had to stop!  (It’s the best time of year for sunsets!) 

800, F8, 1/160

Today’s challenge was me with 13 things…I knew I ever since my husband bought them that these little guys would make the cut; they taunt me everyday, plus I got to use my new lens…have I told you how much I love it!

800, F2, 1/100

Needless to say I’m starting to feel more comfortable behind the lens and with my post-processing skills, but I’m still learning more about Lightroom and it’s capabilities…but especially with this new lens, I feel like my pictures are coming out sharper and crisper.  The len is super powerful and I’m still getting use to it, but with more practice I think it will take me to a whole other level! 
Bonus:  A few of my favorites from the weekend…enjoy!

Ian with his beautiful cousins


A mixture from the weekend

2 thoughts on “Over the weekend…

  1. Lauren, that sunset photograph is exquisite! You have such an incredible eye! Where exactly were you standing when you took the picture?

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