Day 8 and Feeling Great!

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Sorry, I just had too! 

But it’s true, eight days in and I’m feeling pretty comfortable with my camera now.  This 30 day challenge has forced me to think about my shots; what I want to shoot, where I want to shoot it and this ultimately makes me have to think about the settings I will have to use.  It has lite a fire under my butt!  But I am starting to feel more and more comfortable each time I pick up my camera, depending on the type of environment/situation I’m in, BUT I’m controlling what my camera, ME, and I’m controlling what I want the exposure to be and how to frame the shot and how much depth of field I want…it’s empowering!  I’m not 100% by any means, but I’d say I’m better than average! (And I’m okay with that!)  But my main focus right now is finding the correct exposure each time, instead of relying on post-processing a.k.a. LightRoom.  Once I figure that out, I’m hoping it will start to become second nature and I won’t have to do so much to my photos after I upload them!!

I hope you enjoy Day 8…this was hard to capture, but for y’all that know me, this is my bad habit…

400, F5.6, 1/160

One thought on “Day 8 and Feeling Great!

  1. I knew this photo would be of you twirling your hair! Love these 30 day challenge shots!

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