So I’ve learned the basics.

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Yesterday was my last Basic Photography class, luckily in two weeks I’ll be continuing my skills in the advanced class!  Jodi, our teacher pointed out something I hadn’t even thought of, not only are we learning about what our cameras do and how to manipulate our settings to get the correct exposure we want, but we are also learning a lot about ourselves too.  To learn anything for the first time you have to go slow, you have to stop what you’re doing and focus on the task at hand…you have to read about it, if you’re like me, you have to ask someone to show you, but then you really just have to do it, to learn it.  That’s what this class has done for me, it’s made me go out into the world with my camera and “do it” (take pictures).  Sometimes I feel self-conscious going out with my camera and shooting random things (I think it makes me feel like a tourist or something, or I’m subconsciously worried people will think I’m weird…I don’t know) but that’s how I learn, by doing and that’s how I will get better at photography.

Jodi also conveyed the fact that this class has made us stop and look.  We are now searching for great photos and looking for great light and exploring!  We are essentially making ourselves, “stop and smell the roses”  

We are taking the time to slow down and actually SEE things that would normally be missed in everyday life and capturing the beauty in them.  We are enriching our lives more because we are paying more attention to the world around us…we are capturing moments in our everyday lives that would probably go unnoticed if we didn’t have our cameras there.  This class has definitely helped me, for a long time I have had this strong desire to find my “purpose in life.”  To give you a little background, over the summer I came across this book, The Happiness Project , and it resonated with me, BIG TIME!  Don’t get me wrong, I would consider myself I pretty happy person, but there was just something missing from my life and I couldn’t put my finger on it…the book was, what Oprah describes as, my “AH HA” moment!  The book basically makes you think about your own life and what you can do better to enhance your own happiness.  Everyone can do more!  I had been struggling a lot with what really makes me happy (more so in my occupation), life was great before and after the hours of work.  So long story short, there was some soul searching, I found out what would make me happy and I did something about it… Voila! Basic Photography 101!

So the only goal I really had for this class was to learn something, anything about my camera, ACCOMPLISHED…and more!!  Since this class started 6 weeks ago, I now shoot completely RAW (I will talk about this at a later time), I use manual mode about 99% of the time (sometimes I use Aperture priority) , I know when I should change my ISO, though I’m still learning…and I’m post-processing some of my prints in Lightroom 3 (I’m such a geek).  To be honest though, I have always been aware of objects around me and have always wanted to capture them on camera, but before this class I would tried really hard to figure out how to replicate what I see through my lens to come out that way on the computer, but no luck.  After this class I now feel more confident in my abilities to do just that!

I know my skills aren’t perfect yet, but I’m enjoying this journey I’m on and can’t wait to learn more!  

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