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So I’ve been using Lightroom 3 for about 2 weeks now and I LOVE IT!  I’ve also used Photoshop a couple of times and find it a bit more confusing, but with time I’m sure I’m going to love it too!  I just find Lightroom a bit more user friendly, it makes it so easy to upload your photos, fix them, save them and in no time at all your done!  Yesterday I learned how to erase imperfections, aka, blemish on your face, what an AMAZING TOOL 🙂  (it’s like magic).  There are so many tutorials out there that can help you if you are interested and of course having the time to just mess around with it too helps.  You can download a 30-day trail if you aren’t sure about taking the leap and buying it just yet.  I enjoy watching Julieanne Kost videos, they are very informative.

Okay to my point, my friend Danielle had asked me to post a before Lightroom (or SOOC-straight out of the camera) & after Lightroom photo.  Easy enough, but remember I’m still learning so it was a bit tricky, I’m sure there is an easier way and one day I’ll find it, but I made a simple diptych (photos that are side by side) and gave it an identity plate (something I also learned yesterday–basically a title) but I didn’t know how to separately write before and after in each photo, so I placed the identity plate in the middle instead…the before is on top & the after is on bottom, though I think you’ll be able to tell!  I didn’t really do a lot to enhance this photo, just brightened up, increased the tint just slightly, increased the clarity, sharpness, the vibrance & saturation and that’s it!  It really is a neat program, especially when you see the before and after together.  I never know this would enhance my photos so dramatically, but I think it gives that something extra, that wow-factor, or at least I think so…what do you think?


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