My 30-Day Challenge!


So I saw something yesterday that has inspired me, well, it has lite a fire under my “butt” (can I saw ass?).  Anyway, one of my really good friends is doing one of her own 30-day challenges, called the Paleo Challenge, read all about it here in her blog! (GO JEN!) But I’m not quite there yet, so I’ve decided to follow this 30-day plan instead! (Thanks too…)

This is perfect for me right now, as I am wanting more from myself and more from photography!  This will help me pick the correct exposure, by playing around with my shutter speed & F-stop and ISO.  It will keep me accountable, honest, and teach me how to become a better photographer and hey, you never know, I might even find out I’m good at it 😉  So here it is folks:

Day 1:  Self-Portrait

250, F3.5, 1/125

2 thoughts on “My 30-Day Challenge!

  1. Love it and can’t wait to see how it goes! I may do this myself because I have some creativity brewing and nothing/nowhere to let it out…

  2. This is such a great idea! It’ll also give you an outline for what it is you want to focus on for that day, so that you can put all your creativity into the picture itself rather than trying to figure out what to take a picture of!! 🙂 Love this 🙂

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