The World Wide Web…

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It is filled with ANYTHING & EVERYTHING…wowzers; no wonder there are so many photographers out there that are self-taught.  You can find really anything on photography on the internet; gear, tutorials, videos, blogs, inspiration, you name it, it’s probably out there!  Though, it can be very overwhelming because I want to read everything and know everything and I just keep searching and searching, but there comes a time when I just have to set down the iPhone or laptop and chillax and give my eyes & brain a moment to regenerate.  But I have posted a few blogs that I love to my blog, feel free to click and go!  But my  new favorite website, thanks to my best friend Danielle is Pinterest!  (Click to the right and follow me!)  Basically it’s a website where you can post your own inspirational pictures, words, recipes, home goods, clothes, art, websites, blogs, and so much more!!!  It’s like a virtual cork board, if something catches your eye, you can pin it and keep it for future use!!  It’s amazing 🙂

Happy Monday, Happy Searching!

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