Soaking it all up!


I have one more week of my basic photography class!!! (Eeek…not to fear, my second class will start up in November! Yay!)  This past class we went on a field trip to the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA.  It was a neat space, nothing like what I was expecting!  I was thinking it was going to be this big, old, brick building, but it turned out to be someone’s home, an old-style colonial, with exposed beams and old creaky wood floors. It’s a non-profit organization that was foundered by Arthur Griffin who wanted to promote more appreciation for photography.  There were three exhibits the night we went, there were two up-and-coming photographers, Christopher Colville, who was inspired by the night sky and his photos were made by igniting a small portion of gunpowered on the surface of silver gelatin paper.  It was really neat!  And Alison Carey; she depicted what life would look like when biotechnology took over the world, it.was…different…but still moving all at the same time.  Then there was an established photographer, Victor Raphael, who was inspired by Star Trek & NASA.  His was more mixed-media, because he used different texture and even gold leave paper to his photos.   But all of the exhibits opened our eyes up to the possibilities that art really is subjective and if we continue to pursue art (photography) we can choose whatever medium, subject, whatever, to showcase our talents.

It was a great experience 🙂

So for our final project:  We had to pick a tree, any tree, and tell a story!  Now that we know how to adjust the ISO, shutter speed, & aperture we can now take the perfect shot!  That simple…we’lll see.  But I need go out last night, in the pouring rain and found the perfect tree, well at least the perfect location…I wanted to find a tree in a cemetery.  No better way to tell a story than a tree in a cemetery…plus i so close to Halloween!  I took a few shots, but unfortunately I’m not sure if I conveyed anything (remember I’m my biggest critic), so let me know what you think…plus it was raining and my hands were FREEZING and the lens was getting wet…so I might go back during the early morning or maybe at sunset, depending on what the light does during those times.  But here is some shots I took last night, and yes I did do some manipulating in LightRoom :p What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Soaking it all up!

  1. Lauren,
    All four pictures are terrific but I particularly love the bottom two photographs. The compositon of the leaves, asymmetrical, gives the picture a lovely sense of movement and life. The tree coming behind the grave is a strong focal point and moves the eye up. Really, really excellent! You are such an inspiration!

  2. I like all four photos for different reasons. The top two show the gnarly bark of an older tree. That seems to tie in with the theme of a cemetery. All part of the life cycle. The bottom two photos are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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