So I wrote this very long post, detailed post this morning and for some reason it got deleted so now I feel a little bit defeated :p so hopefully tonight I’ll be more motivated to write another one…but I did want to share with you what I have been learning.  Yesterday I learned how to build Diptychs (also fun to say!) in Adobe LightRoom 3.  It took me most of the day to figure out, I even watched a tutorial on how-to…what would we do without the internet and Youtube!  But, this is a great way for photographers to put multiple images together on a page, many use them on their blogs or websites to showcase more of their images at once and it’s a neat way to tell a story!  Here are two examples I put together, enjoy!!

2 thoughts on “Diptychs!

  1. AHH!!!! So beautiful!!! You are already growing and changing SO much as a photographer from the little bit of guidance and education you’ve been getting!! IMAGINE 🙂 I love you..and I LOVE the picture of Ian with his chucks!!! )

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