My wish…

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…would be to wake up early in the morning, get ready, grab my gear and go.  There is something inspiring about the morning (and evening) sky.  The sky has been incredible over the last few days.  Crisp colors of reds & oranges, magnificent clouds formations, it truly moves your body & soul.

taken by Rob Wright

My wish would be to capture the morning light, to watch the world wake up around me, to make a living taking photographs of beautiful moments that happen everyday in life.

That’s my wish…

This quote was waiting for me in my inbox this morning:  ‎”True life is lived when tiny changes occur.” — Leo Tolstoy

I’m trying to very hard to make those tiny changes, so my wish won’t be a dream anymore, but, a reality.

One thought on “My wish…

  1. I saw that quote somewhere yesterday…I can’t remember where though! I love it 🙂 Beautiful…it is a very attainable wish, my love 🙂

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