Think, Plan, Compose…

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I want to talk more about composition, since I only briefly touched upon it last night.  Like I was saying last night, I think this assignment was a bit more challenging for me than previous ones because now I’m using all my creative juices…it’s my job to go out and find the “perfect” shot, with the perfect light, using the perfect settings.  Yet I have to keep reminding myself that I’m still learning and it’s okay to get it wrong, yeah right.  I guess you can say I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to get things right.  But, composition is about creating a picture, it determines whether or not a person stalls to look at it or continues to the next photo in less than two seconds.  Does the picture produce the “WOW” factor, if so, then success.  A good subject helps too, but a good composition will take it to the next level.  I learned from looking at my wedding photos it’s all about taking a lot of photos because really you’ll only going to get those select few that are perfect and inspiring and well once-in-a-lifetime shots.  (but that’s okay, right?)  You’re documenting one’s special day, a moment, and what you think is great as a photographer, might be mediocre, and what you think is just mediocre is a special, intimate moment for your client.  Like I said, Art is subjective…the saying is true, beauty really is, only in the eye of the beholder.

What do you see?

Anyways, we were given two questions to ponder while searching for our perfect composition:

1.  What do you want this photograph to say to the viewer? &  2.  How do I translate what I see in my minds eye into the camera & convey what I’m feeling? (following some rules for brightness, focus, balance of mass, mood creation, spacial relationship, & color).  Simple, sure…

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