Long Weekend!

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My apologies for my absence…I know it’s only been three days, but I’ve been writing almost everyday and I feel like I’ve been away for so long!  There is nothing better than having a three-day weekend, but having a three day weekend in October that reached recorded highs!  It was beautiful, reaching 80 degrees almost the entire weekend, blue skies and leaves changing color, can’t get more amazing than that!  I was just welcoming in Fall a few days ago, but Summer wasn’t quite done yet.  I didn’t mind one bit.

It’s hard to know where to begin, I took a lot of photos this weekend.  I started right when I got home from school on Friday, I feel like when I’m not taking pictures, I’m thinking about taking pictures and when I’m taking pictures, I need to keep taking more and more and more…it’s like a drug.  Of course I had some frustrations along the way, since the sun is now out.  I’ve been having some trouble with finding the right exposure setting.  I found out that my camera doesn’t go below 200 ISO, so that could pose as a problem since I’m still trying to figure out the right combination of shutter speed and aperture.  (An equation that I learned at class:  Exposure= Time x Volume; so something to think about).  But I went out there and took picture after picture.  Composition is our next assignment, so basically we are starting to put all the pieces we have been learning about (shutter speed, aperture, & ISO) together into our own composition.  We had some guidelines about light, balance, shapes, color, etc. but there were really “no rules,” just our artist eye and what we thought would make a great photograph.  Which sounds easy, but I’m finding not having a specific thing to shoot can be harder than having someone telling you to take 40 shots of a piece of paper and make it look beautiful.  That’s the thing about art, it’s subjective, you can judge it and grade it all you want, but in the end, it’s art, it’s the artist opinion, their interpretation of what they think is, well, ART…how can you grade that?  I think that’s what I found the most frustrating…most people can tell the difference between good art and bad art, but you’re forgetting the biggest critic of all, one’s- self…in the end, we will always been our biggest critic.  But hopefully with this class and maybe many more in the future, I will finally understand how to get what I seethrough my eyes to be the same as what the camera sees.  Until then, enjoy some of my photos from this wonderful holiday weekend! (not in any order)…

250, 1/250, F16...My husband behind the lens!

250, 1/200, F16

1600, 1/100, F4.5

1600, 1/25, F5.6

200, 1/50, F5.6

Dark, but my favorite! 250, 1/10, F14

200, 1/2500, F3.5

200, 1/3200, F4.5

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