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I’ve been posting for about 2 weeks now and I keep meaning to give you a little background on why I chose the name for my blog,  “Create Something Out of Nothing.”  I can’t really take credit for it.  My photography teacher, Jodi said it in our class the first day and she actually said it again this week while talking about our latest projects.  It’s really the theme to her whole class, create something out of nothing…take an everyday ordinary object or subject (nothing) and create this beautiful composition (something) by using the settings on your camera and playing around with different angles and light.  It made total sense to me!  It was like she was talking to me, it has been my life motto and I just didn’t know it yet!  I always take photos of everyday things and objects, hoping to capture the beauty that I see and sometimes capturing it and sometimes I missing the mark completely.  The saying resonated with me, I can make any average-ordinary thing look alive, vivid, & well, attractive!  But now I’m learning the tools to help me capture it every single time (or at least 99% of the time).  She also taught us a very important lesson too; it really is all about the light you use!  Light makes or breaks a picture, it can yield a certain emotion, mood, or feeling, it puts you there, at that moment in time.  It’s like watching a movie or listening to a song, it should draw you in and depict some kind of feeling already inside you.  That’s what I want my photographs to do, put you there, in the moment and dig up those feelings already inside you.

On another note…I’m so proud of myself for stopping and taking this picture, I didn’t let the moment pass me by, instead I seized the moment and pulled my car over and snapped this with my iPhone, (since I failed at “operation bring my camera with me everywhere” this morning) but I had to stop, the light was brilliant and just like that, over night, something happened, Fall arrived.  The snowflake in my car dinged yesterday morning…meaning the temperature went below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  So the days are getting shorter, dew has appeared on the ground in the morning, and the water is now warmer than the air.  It’s prefect sweater, & scarf weather, but not time just yet to give up the flip-flops!

Welcome back Fall. 

7:20am @ Royalls Cove

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