They’re calling it an ‘End of an Era’

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“Steve was among the greatest of American innovators — brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world and talented enough to do it.

I was once a mac-hater…if you can believ it.  I love telling my students that I learned how to type on a typewriter instead of a computer.  My teacher would give me the choice to either use the typewriter or the Mac and I went straight to the typewriter each time, (call me old fashion–I loved the sound).  But today as I look around my house, we are surrounded by Apple products, 2 iPhones, an iPad, an Airport express, we use to have a Mac Mini, and want an Apple TV..and soon we’ll be purchasing an iMac (I can’t wait for that–let’s just say our PC will soon PC-OUT)  So Mac has taken over our lives, in a good way, but I never would of guessed I would be a mac-hater turned lover.  Things change, people change…I just love how Apple is so user friendly, (a caveman could do it!)

Our lives have changed so drastically in only a short time, really in the past 10 years!!!  I remember growing up with green screens and floppy disks and now you can walk around with a computer in your pocket!  Just think about your camera, film is now becoming obsolete, people don’t print pictures anymore, you can post them online in a matter of seconds.  You don’t have to worry about wasting a whole roll of film now, you can instantly capture what you want and then look at it to see if you need to make changes.

              Personally, I think such new technologies have made us lazy; need to know something…google it…but it can also make us THINK about the world around us and lets us connect with so many different things, people, countries, you name it!

Technology is only going to grow, computers are going to get smaller and faster, cars will one day fly (right…), medicine will find a way to cure the sick, and so on, I can only hope technology will help me in the future, with life, learning, and with photography.  I’m excited to learn new programs like Photoshop.  My father always told me, “You learn something new everyday,” and I take that to heart every single day.  I think Steve Jobs took that to heart when he co-founded Apple, and I like to think he’s still not done inventing & creating…RIP


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