I learned something!

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Well, about myself that is…even though I’m NOT, repeat, NOT, a morning person…I do love the thought of being a morning person, but the thought of getting out of a perfectly warm & cozy bed is, well, crazy-talk!  But waking up before the dawn, getting my day started in a slow & relaxed way does sound very tempting.  And I do try to do it from time to time.  There is this calmness in the morning that I love.  Which brings me to what I’ve learned…I learned that I love morning light.  Now this surprised me because I LOVE sunsets, I love watching the sun go down, the way the colors paint the sky, it’s peaceful, it brings closure to my day.

It’s hard to describe light and I’m not really a writer so words tend to escape me, but I know how it makes me feel.  I have the pleasure of driving to work about a half an hour after sunrise and this feeling of the “calm before the storm” rushes over me…[(it could be the fact that I really dislike my job, (sometimes),] but I think it has more to do with the fact that the light will only look like this for a short time.  It’s disappointing, but like all great things, they must come to an end at some point.  There’s this brightness, warmth, almost an awaking to the morning light that makes me smile.  It really lifts me up.  It also helps that I’m driving with my back to the sun, that helps, not only for visibility, but the light casts this beautiful glow over the whole landscape.  It’s magically & mysterious, like this morning, after weeks of rain, the sun light bounced off the clouds and the water making the surroundings look almost serial and making me wish I had my camera with me! (Oops)…  

But long story short…maybe I’m slowly starting to turn into a morning person, my husband can only dream!  But seriously, if you woke up to this every morning, you would be too!

Photo by Mike Buchholz Photography

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