Learning can be frustrating…

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“Learn to be what you are, and learn to live with all that you are not.”

I know that some of us are blessed with certain talents and skills and some of us, well, are just, not.  Being only 27 I know I have lots to learn, but I’m pretty sure of who I am now too.  I know my weaknesses and my strengths, I know what I’m good at and what I’m not.   I know that I really, really want to be good at photography and hope that I don’t just have an eye for art, but I have the talent for it too.  I made a realization yesterday as I was taking pictures on the beach, that, 1. I have been learning a lot and 2. I still have a lot to learn.  Playing around with the settings on my camera is fun and at times gives me really cool results, but I still don’t understand WHY I can’t seem to capture certain moments through my lens, photos comes out flat, bleak, and lifeless, when I want them to be colorful, lively, & energetic.  I’m sure Photoshop and/or some kind of software would help, but I want to see that before I edit them.  I guess I was so excited to finally be home and grab my camera and go before the sun went down that when it came time to taking pictures, none of them came out the way I expected them too.  It’s just frustrating…

But I’m happy to announce, Day 2–project bring camera everywhere with me– has started off well!  Though it’s happily sitting safely in my car, since I’m at work, but I will hopefully be using it after work (if the rain decides to stop) and HOPEFULLY create something out of nothing!  

That’s all for now!

One thought on “Learning can be frustrating…

  1. Love, love, lovvvvvvvvvvvvve reading your thoughts! I’m so happy you started this blog Lauren 🙂 and you really DO have such a beautiful, creative eye…. 🙂 love you

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