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I’ve been searching the ends of the internet for inspiration and have come up with a few blogs that exceed my expectations.  The thing about the internet is it can connect you with some many people and give you so much information that it can be quite overwhelming.  But I read something yesterday that inspired me to take on a challenge…I stumbled upon Jonathan Fleming’s Blog   (I’m a sucker for cute dogs!) and as I explored his blog I came across his blog about Street Photography, he’s based at our San Francisco (which I can say proudly I’ve been too!!! Someday I will post pictures from our amazing honeymoon.)  But this part of his blog struck a cord with me:

He had the opportunity to spend the day with Jay Maisel, and he said:

“That one of the greatest ways to improve your photography is to practice it regularly, daily if possible. This involves committing yourself to carrying a camera with you at all times. He mentioned that if the camera is with you, you’re improving your skill even if you don’t use it. How? Your awareness of your camera causes your eyes to search for interesting subjects while you’re out on the street, which helps hone a a key skill for a photographer: his or her ability to observe, anticipate, and react to what happens in an environment.”

Now my eyes already do this, they always have, I’m always looking at interesting subjects, telling myself, “what a great composition,” “what a great shot,” “oh I really wish I had my camera with me,” or “I really wish I could stop the car right now and take a picture”…I guess the only way of making this happen is to take on this challenge!  I’m going to commit myself to carrying my camera with me at all times.  This is going to hard at first, but once I remember it’s a piece of me now it shouldn’t be that hard!!! (Does my iPhone count?  Yes & No, since I carry it with me anyway, I need to start getting use to my Nikon!!!

Day 1:  Fail, camera’s at home…but that ends this afternoon!  I will come back to this topic now and again to keep you updated on my progress!

Thanks for listening…

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