Aperture, Shutter Speed, & ISO, Oh My!

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There is lots to learn I’ve discovered in my class.  As I sit here trying to remember the photography classes I took in high school (coming up on 10 years) I can’t really remember ever going over what the settings on my camera actually did.  Which is too bad, because they can either make or break a picture.  I’m still learning and the only way I’m going to know how, is to take pictures, playing around with the settings, (i.e. shutter speed, aperture, etc.)  I’m still getting the hang of the faster the shutter speed the less light moves across the “film” and vise verses for a slower shutter speed.  Same goes for aperture (F-Stop), which determines how much light will be received through the lens…Lower the F-Stop, bigger the opening, so the more light it brings in.  It all seems a little confusing, especially when you want to get the prefect shot right then and there and you’re playing around with the settings on your camera and the moment passes you by…but hopefully with time and practice it will become second nature to me…Hopefully.

sitting on the curb; downtown Portsmouth @ night

ISO: 800, 30s, F22 (a bit overexposed, but you get the idea of keeping the shutter opened for a long period of time with a high F-stop, you capture motion, aka. the lights are from cars passing by!) The camera is sitting still on the ground.

Which brings me to week two’s assignment.  We’re suppose to pick a subject (preferable one in motion) and take 15 shots of it, using 3 different ISO (100, 400, & 800) @ 5 full F-stops of our choice.  Though I’ve discovered that my camera’s lowest ISO setting (which states for the film speed) is 200.  So we’ll see how that affects my photographs.  I was going to go to the ocean and snap some shots of the water, but there’s a fountain downtown that looks intriguing!  (Stay tuned)…

The second part of this assignment involves both shutter speed & aperture.  She gave us 6 different setting combination at an ISO of 400.  (1/4, F16; 1/8, F11; 1/15, F8; 1/30, F5.6; 1/25, F4; 1/250, F2.8 or 3.5)  I haven’t decided what I want to take a picture of, but it would be cool to do something with flashing lights.  When I was driving home from class I thought flashing police lights would capture something amazing, so I might have to plan a heist or something just to get a cruiser.  (We’ll see)

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