Why Photography?


So you might be wondering, why start a blog about photography?  Well I’ve always loved photography and looking at pictures.  I love nature and the beauty of what our world has to offer us.  My mom has always told me I have an artist eye.  When it was time to apply for colleges I told my parents that I wanted to go to school for photography, but after applying and making the tough decision on where to go, I talked myself out of pursuing my dream.  I was young, I was scared, my mom told me I wouldn’t make any money, she was worried, like all great moms are for their children.  Who would of known that photography would take off into the digital world so fast!  Long story short, I went to college, got a great degree in Speech Therapy and now working full time in a school.  Not something I EVER envisioned myself doing.  But it’s inspiring and rewarding…most of the time!

So why now, why pursue photography?  Well, my husband found a great deal on this camera (Nikon D70) and bought it hoping it wouldn’t make me too mad.  When the box arrived, I hugged him, I smiled and was overjoyed with happiness…it took him off guard!  He hadn’t realized my love for photography!  Which brings us to the present.  I enrolled myself in a basic photography class to learn more about how to use our camera and other things.  I can’t get enough, I’ve taken a few photography classes in my day, mostly in high school, and I was the subject for my roommate’s photography final project.  Other than that, I have just passed off photography as a hobby and nothing more.

UNTIL…I started planning our wedding!  I KNEW, in my soul that I wanted the best photographer I could find.  I had so many friends tell me horror stories about their pictures, some were ruined, some didn’t capture their vision, others paid way too much!!!  I told myself that was NOT going to happen!!!  Let’s just say I did some research way before my husband ever popped the question.  I think that’s when it really started for me, loving photography again.  I would go on wedding websites and look for hours at all the beautiful photos of brides, their flowers, settings of different weddings, etc..  I wanted to make the right decision and I was happy with the one I made!  So here’s my shout-out to Emily Delamater (www.emilydelamaterphotography.com)

I love her use of color in all her photos.  She just seemed to capture the moment; the story behind each couple!  Plus she was young and fun to work with.  She has a great eye and always had an idea for the next shot!  This was taking in beautiful Portsmouth, NH!

One of my favorite shots!! (above)

But unfortunately she unexpectedly broke her ankle the day before our wedding and was unable to come 😦  But being the great professional she is, she called Audra Medunitza Welton (www.audraphotography.com), another fabulous photography in her place.  Now you can image my stress level at this point, the day before our wedding, I had put all this time and effort in looking for the BEST photographer and now she won’t even be there!  I was very sad and anxious, but looking at the bigger picture, I was marrying my best friend.  But long story short, I was very happy with how our pictures turned out!  Aren’t we a handsome couple 🙂

“All of life is a journey, which paths we take, what we look back on, and what we look forward to is up to us. We determine our destination, what kind of road we will take to get there, and how happy we are when we get there.”  

Here’s to pursuing my passions & dreams…

2 thoughts on “Why Photography?

  1. It is soooo exciting to see you pursuing this passion…we’ve talked about our paths for so long. It’s also so exciting to see how much you have to say, and how beautifully you say it. I can feel the passion and enthusiasm seeping out of the page…I love it Lauren.

  2. Life takes many twists and turns…all things in the past help prepare you for the future, although you might not realize it at the time…it’s all about the journey…watching you on your life’s journey is a treasure…your paintings and photos have always be so creative…now I see maturity and emotion in your photos…good work girl…

    ps…always remember listen to your mother!!!

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