My First Assignment

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We were given two assignments at our first class.  The first portion I will hopefully tackle Sunday…but the second part required us to take photos of a single white piece of paper.  We had total control over how the paper looked; crinkle it, rip it, burn it, whatever you could think of, you could do!  I decided to go simple & crinkle, but I might go back and burn it later!!

As we photograph our projects our teacher told us we should keep a light journal.  Jotting down the Date, time of day, what colors we see, what the light is doing, how it makes us feel & then look at what our camera is doing: a.k.a. what’s the, ISO, F-Stop, & Shutter Speed doing.  (This to be taught more in detail later in class…)

I thought this was a fun little assignment, first of all it got me off the couch and thinking about light and where I should place my piece of paper.  But because of the weather, it made this assignment harder than I thought!  It’s been overcast for a few days now, rainy & miserable…so no SUN, no warm sun…when I think of light, I think of sun, I think of warm bright colors, dark shadows, more of a contrast.  Sun would have made things a lot easier, that’s for sure!  But photographers do say overcast is the best light to shoot in…Welp, we’ll see on Tuesday at class what the professional has to say!

What do you think? These are some of my favorites…

Create something out of nothing…?

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