Photography Class

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In Latin, Photography means: “writing with light.”

It makes sense, “photo” is derived from light, where “graphy” means to draw or to write.  I began my Basic Photography class this past Tuesday, a journey I have been on for many years now, I just so happen to realize my potential and finally told myself to start taking it seriously!  I have been taking photos every sense I can remember.  I use to steal my father’s very expensive Cannon and take it outside and just start shooting.  Anything, everything, I was drawn to the sky, the moon, landscapes.  But until now, I haven’t really understood how to capture what I see with my eyes on film.  I am hoping with this class I’ll better understand how to harness light to my advantage!

One thought on “Photography Class

  1. YAY!! Beautiful Lauren! I am so excited to watch you explore this path…it really has been years now that you’ve been on this journey 🙂 Love you Lauren…so glad you’ve found yourself …behind your lens 🙂 xoxo

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